The new report of the Valdai Club is devoted to the crisis of establishing global manageability as a rational policy of states to resolve emerging crises. The authors of the report recognize that the formation’s momenent of a well-functioning international order based on global governance has been passed. The world moved in a different direction, slipped into the era of unilateral decisions – this trend is objective, it can’t be controlled, but it is necessary to understand its consequences.

The modern world order is reminiscent of an era that began after 1918. Then the First World War destroyed the old order, the principles on which the previous hundred years one way or another built European and world politics. Attempts of world powers to establish a new system of international relations resulted in a new big war. Only after 1945 it was able to restore the balance, there was a system of institutions that helped to reduce the risks of confrontation and maintain peace.

Today, the lessons of the twentieth century still the subject of expert thinking, warns against military action as a means of resolving conflicts. However, the rise of nationalist sentiment and revival of aggressive forms of economic behavior in the spirit of neo-mercantilism are reminiscent of the atmosphere in Europe and in the world at the beginning of the last century. There comes a period of interlude, when the contours of the new order are still impossible to discern.

Read more in the report of the Valdai Club “Life in Crumbling World”.

The report’s co-author is the President of the “Eurasian Strategies” Andrey Sushentsov