Our company offers its clients a full strategy development for political uncertainty with distinctive emphasis on risks side accomplished by specially assembled team of experts with relevant experience and profound regional knowledge.

Strategy Practices

Event-Driven Strategy

Eurasian Strategies provide global investors with investment strategy based on probabilistic scenarios of corporate and political events. Our team supports investors that need an insightful understanding of how political, policy and regulatory process merge and provide opportunities

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Future Mapping

The Future Mapping provides a long-term chain of actions to reach specific goals and objectives in the future with respect to international political, economic, environmental, social and reputational risks. Our team of experts develop forecasts and connect clients’ resources with desired outcomes to reach the most satisfactory result.

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M&A and political risks due-diligence

M&A happens increasingly often in emerging markets. They are accompanied by political and regulatory risks particularly with respect to foreign ownership and investment of national companies. Our company provides macro risk due diligence regarding the financials and business fundamentals.

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Market Entry Strategy

There is no cure-all market entry strategy, but our team of multidisciplinary professionals provides years of experience and deep understanding of all modes of entry to help develop a successful market entry strategy taking into account sources of political risks and opportunities intertwined to your industry.

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